We all have unique strengths — Being highly detailed and organized, remaining cool under pressure, amazing creativity, using humor to diffuse tense situations, keen technology skills, the ability to identify issues before they happen, wildly resourceful, and deep compassion to name just some. What are your strengths? And you can’t say you don’t have any because you do. Most of us go about each day without considering our strengths or what it takes to accomplish tasks and projects.

Each of us possesses more inner strength than we realize, and it’s easy to forget because thankfully, we aren’t often called to step up to extreme conditions.

Many of us have come through very difficult situations before whether personally such as a family tragedy or on a national level like 9/11 when everyone seemed to be in a state of shock. No matter what challenge you have faced, it took strength, probably many strengths to overcome and move through those difficulties. Some of us did it better than others, but you still did it. In life it doesn’t matter that much whether you are first or last in your class or in a competition. What matters most is how well you are living your life.

And now, we are experiencing a global pandemic that is touching everyone in some way or another whether you have gotten sick or not. Everything has shifted and nothing will be the same. And it doesn’t have to be all bad as I know there is always good that comes from change. The ripple effects of what we are encountering now will be happening for years to come. Instead of allowing everything to happen to you in a negative way, it is time to rise and not give up hope and your dreams. Maybe you will alter your plans and create new dreams. Most of all, now is the time to allow the best of yourself to shine.

Embrace your strengths, those skills and abilities that can make a difference for yourself, your employer, your co-workers, your employees and your community. Show your boss a side of you she’s not yet had a chance to see. Be a role model for your colleagues and employees through your example, leadership and ideas. Be a voice of calm and reassurance when others begin to get down. Roll up your sleeves to support a co-worker who is ill or caring for loved ones. If your pay hasn’t been impacted, donate to services and charities that are helping those who have lost wages.

Even if you lost your job or think it may happen, keep in mind that it probably has nothing to do with you and your job performance. In most circumstances, it is or will be a financial decision. Sure, it hurts no matter what the reason is for a layoff. It is fine to feel whatever you want. There is no right or wrong to feelings. Feel what you must then tap in to your superpower to find those strengths within you to figure your best next career and life move. There are always possibilities and opportunities. And you don’t have to go it alone. Connect with others who have lost their jobs, talk to friends or a former boss, or work with a coach.

We can all be superheroes by using our special talents. Everyone has accomplishments where they used their strengths. Don’t keep waiting for tomorrow. There is something you can impact positively right now.

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