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I have assisted thousands of clients in job search from the classes I teach to the clients I counsel and work with individually. For most, the goal is to prepare, execute and land a job as quickly as possible. I keep up-to-date with the current trends in recruitment and hiring and the best resources and practices in getting noticed and uncovering hidden jobs.

My goal is to get you noticed by clearly and concisely highlighting your abilities, potential, expertise and accomplishments. This is what employers want to see and hear.

Not only is it important to know the mechanics of doing job search it is imperative to understand the nature of this process. It can be very up and down like a roller coaster ride. What I do is objectively tell you like it is from my years of experience while offering caring support and direction to keep you balanced and focused on what matters most.

Depending on your needs, we may work through the following eight steps of the job search process or on specific areas where you need the most guidance and feedback.

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8 Step Job Search Process

  1. Determine Your Objective(s) & Brand – What is your profession and preferred functions? What are you known for and what is unique about you? Knowing this will guide your search and the creation of your communications materials.
  2. Write or Revise Your Resume – Your resume needs to be tailored, targeted and focused on the job you want to land. Depending on your objective(s) you may need more than one master resume. I can guide and assist in creating or updating your resume from format to content so it looks great and communicates your value.
  3. Develop or Update Your LinkedIn Profile – This is the most powerful and effective professional networking tool for job search and recruiting. Your profile is a key element in increasing your visibility online and I can help you in building or updating so that it showcases your brand and value.
  4. Create Your Marketing Plan – Develop a  strategy and roadmap for your search, which includes establishing your criteria and employment targets.
  5. Determine How to Best Communicate & Network – How are you communicating and networking both online and offline? There are many tools and ways to communicate from a cover letter and thank you note to the content of your e-mails, joining and participating in LinkedIn groups to updating your status. How will you approach networking contacts, conduct an informational interview to answering the question, “What do you do?” is essential to your success.
  6. Prepare for the Interview – You cannot land a job without an interview. Today the average is 3-5 rounds of interviews before a decision is made. Your interviewing skills need to be top notch to impress the interviewers and to beat out the competition. Working with me you will understand how to successfully answer and ask questions as well as practice and do mock interviews so you feel confident.
  7. Get Ready to  Negotiate – You can negotiate salary and the compensation package without losing the offer. I can help you in understanding the elements of the offer and compensation package and with knowing what you are worth so you can plan and get what you deserve.
  8. Successfully Onboard & Transition Into Your New Role – Starting a new position is often a little scary and overwhelming. It is a big change and change is not always easy. You need to learn about your new role and company as quickly as you can, fit in well with the workplace and culture while building relationships, being productive and contributing as soon as possible.

In individual sessions by Zoom or telephone I offer:
  • Hourly meetings and package plans, and I will customize services to fit your individual needs.
  • A partnership with you in developing and implementing a self-empowering plan for your career, job search and your life!
  • Guidance and support that will provide renewed energy, self-confidence and a sense of purpose for making needed changes.
  • Follow through coaching
  • On track accountability
For questions or to get started contact Estelle at 831-601-6576 or estelle@careeractioncenter.com