Good Evening Estelle, I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your guidance in the earlier part of this year (2017) and to update you on my progress since we last spoke. I recently completed a project for the first client I signed back in March of this year and have since gone on to engage in numerous other contracts. One of which appears to be a long term project (~ 3yrs). I so appreciate your help and guidance to get me on track with my consulting career. I started out quite shaky and was not quite sure that this would lead to anything. With your input, I have already achieved a number of successes and am fortunate enough to be in a position to choose projects that work for me and my family these days. Thank you again and I will be in touch again to give you another progress update.

Louise M.


I wanted you to know that I signed an offer from Intuit late last week. I feel incredibly fortunate as I was able to land a regular full-time position without a lot of searching and hassle because of your guidance. Thank you VERY much for all your support and advice. It was invaluable.

Thanks again,

Marilyn T.


I appreciate and respect you so much. Thank you for all your work on my resume and most of all being the type of person our world needs more of – your compassion and understanding ways are so valued and have been instrumental to me as I launch my career.




After many months of active searching I finally landed a job! I will be a customer service contracts manager. With your guidance I was able to network my way in to the organization and get to the hiring manager. This is new to me and I did it. I went on six interviews and so much value your interviewing coaching. I actually negotiated for a salary higher than was offered and got it. I feel good I did well. Once the background check is complete I will start. I really appreciate all the knowledge I gained, all the support and coaching. I wouldn’t have made it through this transition without you.

Forever grateful,

Toni T.

Hi Estelle,

I wanted to let you know that I decided to accept the offer from Stanford. Thank you for all your help and support during my job search, especially last week when I was grappling with this decision. At your prompting, I contacted a former employee, which provided good insight. This experience and job will help me to clarify my “new” career path. I’ve enjoyed working with you and found this experience helpful as I will use what I learned in the future.

Thanks again for your support and help,

Linda E.

“Ms. Cimino and the entrepreneurship class I just attended were GREAT!  Ms. Cimino is extremely knowledgeable and supremely qualified in regard to teaching this class. Because she has real life experience as an entrepreneur (successful and not-so-successful) and is a skilled instructor, her skill set makes her perfect in terms of leading and teaching this class. Subject matter was perfectly designed and presented. She covered the mundane as well as the more complex and technical topics – but knowledge of all is absolutely necessary to ensure an accurate overview is achieved by those planning on venturing into starting a business. Thanks for signing me up for the class! One of the best I’ve taken!”

Bert B.

“Last Fall I had the good fortune to be coached and counseled by Estelle after I was laid off from Hewlett Packard. Estelle proved to extremely knowledgeable, supportive and effective as she facilitated my transition into the next phase of my career.  She helped me formulate a strong plan of action and then showed energy and optimism as she encouraged me to stay on track with that plan.
Estelle was willing to think outside the box when it came to my future and because of her many years as a successful entrepreneur she was able to guide me in areas far beyond the scope I had anticipated.
I also had the pleasure of taking one of the courses taught by Estelle and she displayed excellent teaching, facilitation and time management skills.
I highly recommend Estelle as coach, educator and career counselor.”

Kristin Wright


“Thank you!  You have no idea how much of an impact you have had on my life.  You must have figured out by now that I am quite a driven person.  I am so impressed by Integrity, Expertise and the ability of people to HELP/TEACH/COACH others.  You have been an example of all this!
What I loved about you was your ability to help me the WAY I NEEDED it and not the way most people or others need it.  You customized and truly cared about what I needed to know and do and you showed me the ropes and told me exactly where and how to find the information.  That is the kind of work that impresses me! Each meeting with you was productive and I felt I had learned and was one step closer to my goal of establishing my own business!”

Tara Gupta


“Today’s class was fabulous!  It helped me think through various aspects of my business idea.”

Thanks so Much!

“Estelle Cimino was truly the best career coach during my career transition early this year. She was fully available and highly knowledgeable of all the intricacies and strategies related to my job search, including possible entrepreneurship options.

Thanks to Estelle, I approached the changes in my career as a wonderful opportunity to seek the type of job and work environment that truly made me thrive.

Estelle’s attitude, along with the learning tools I obtained from her for networking and resume building, made me feel very comfortable in seeking the right job opportunities during an economy that was certainly challenging.

With the strategies learned I am landing very exciting consulting assignments of which there is a possibility to get a full-time job. I am also working on a large project that is enabling me to flourish. I have made the leap into the unknown under a very difficult market with confidence and grace and I give Estelle a lot of the credit for it. Estelle Cimino has my highest recommendation, along with my gratitude, for being an honestly caring and highly knowledgeable resource during my career change.”

Sandra Castro

“Estelle is a magnificent business coach. I had the opportunity to work with her as I transitioned from a corporate job to launching my own business. She’s been wonderfully insightful in her feedback about my business direction and in her review of my brand plans and marketing materials. Estelle has asked questions that challenged me to think in new and creative ways which resulted in positive adjustments to my business strategy. I highly recommend coaching with Estelle!”

Daryl Ragan

“I just wanted to thank you for all the tools, understanding, and encouragement you have given me.  You helped me focus in on a career area, you educated me on networking and provided resources, you improved my resume, you’ve asked me good questions and listened when I answered and given good, honest feedback, and you’ve expressed confidence in me and my abilities.  You’ve taught me and shown me a lot and, while I’ve been slow about it, I have been utilizing it.  I will continue to do this, I think with a little more commitment now.”

Tom Cooper

“Estelle is an outstanding career coach.  She proved very knowledgeable, creative and able to provide good and practical suggestions while challenging you to achieve more.  She allows you to determine direction for coaching sessions and she encourages you to develop and trust your own judgment.  Estelle has high energy and has judgment honed by her significant real world experiences.  Additionally, her significant experience starting and running several businesses makes her a very creative and practical coach for those taking her entrepreneurship classes.”

Dave Osburn

Hi Estelle,

I want to thank you for providing me great insight and advice for my recent job search. I sincerely appreciate your wise heart-warming advice regarding the job opportunity and offer!!  Thank you!
I successfully passed the background check on Friday.  I start on Monday, August 9.  This is very exciting for me as it is the start of the next step in my career. I appreciate very much your teaching, your understanding, and your advice.  Thank you again for your great support, and I look forward to staying in touch with you!

Best regards,
L. Chang