All of us on this earth are now living in a time of great traumatic change. The economy, our jobs and our ability to live what we call normal no longer exists even as cities slowly re-open from the Covid-19 lockdown. Everything has shifted and brought about feelings of fear, anxiety and for many even a sense of surrender because so much is out of our control.

The current crisis is hitting people at the core of their being especially in learning how to live and work in a new way. We have never experienced this kind of global crisis before. It is uncharted territory. And as bad as things may seem to be, our lives can be better than ever before. It is all a matter of perspective and the choices you make.

I am not discounting the pain and suffering of so many no matter what the reason. I do my best to help those that I can through various means and will continue to do so.

No matter what your life looks like, living in the midst of a perfect storm can be the perfect time to examine what is working well for you and what is not and from there making the changes that will enable you to attain more of what you want.

The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Have you been living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling?
  • Are you making the kind of impact you desire at home and at work?
  • What is satisfying to you and are you doing it?
  • Are you living to your potential?
  • What do you want more of or less of?
  • What do you want to experience before you reach the end of your days?

These are very important questions and very few people take the time to really address the purpose and meaning of their life. It is easy to get caught up in our routines and the other busyness of life. Some of it is understandable like sleep, work, and taking care of family. If you want a big payoff then you need to take the steps that will lead you to your destination.

Whether you are laid off or working from home you most likely have extra time by not having to dress for the office even if you’re doing Zoom meetings. And most are avoiding a long commute and office politics. Even if you are working at a place of business many of you have time off and are mostly likely at home during off hours.

You may be asking why do this at all? The reason is so that you can design and live your life as you choose. History repeats itself and the economy will rebound. What you were doing in the past may not be what is best for you moving into the future. A builder needs to start with a solid foundation to design and construct a great building.  To live a great life, you need to start with your foundation, what makes you who you are along with what you have done and accomplished. Then you can start designing and making decisions on how you want live and work based on what you want.

I have coached so many clients over the years who told me that getting laid off from their job was a gift as it forced them to finally look at their life and what was working or not and make a change based on who they are and what they want going forward in all aspects of their lives. They just were not able to take the time or find the courage to break free from unsatisfactory jobs and the steady income. It took getting laid off, which pushed them to address what they truly wanted in their career and life. Everyone regretted not doing this earlier.

Even if you are working and need the income and benefits, you can make a plan and execute when appropriate to find that new job or start your dream business. And on a personal level maybe it is time to make a change in one or more of your relationships.  Knowing is the first step. Then you can dream and visualize and do your research. Once you make decisions, then you can plan and take action.

If you are not ready to make big changes then start small. What is most important is that you be true to your self. Deep down the answers are within you. From that place you can do amazing things.

Now May Be the Best Time to Revitalize Your Life & Work – Start Here