To best serve individual client needs, I offer a variety of tailored programs as well as hourly sessions. After our initial consultation we can determine what would be optimal for your situation and jointly select or customize a program that will fit your specific requirements. We can work by phone or Zoom.

Coaching Programs

Career Choice/Career Change/Career Pivot Program

Job Search Program

Entrepreneurial Program

This program can be customized to focus on specific features depending on where you are in the process of building or expanding your business.

Hourly Coaching

Do you have a specific issue that you would like to resolve or a need such as preparing for an upcoming interview and doing a mock interview? Or would you like a resume or LinkedIn profile review so you can best communicate your brand and strengths related to the job you want to land? Maybe you have a business challenge that needs a fresh perspective. Hourly coaching may be the answer whether it is one or more meetings. Through these sessions I will offer you guidance and feedback that can propel you to achieve what you desire.

60 minute session – $150