In the 15 years I have been counseling, coaching and working with thousands of clients there is one thing I know: Most people’s job experience is a huge part of their life. And the question I suggest every individual ask themselves is this: “Are you fully satisfied with what you are doing and where you are headed?”

People change over time. What you wanted as recently as two years ago may be very different than what you want today. There is no linear path for your life or your career. Today most of us will change jobs and careers 5-10 times in our lifetimes.

I believe our lives are lived like chapters in a book. There is a plot, a setting, conflict, characters and resolution. If you’re fortunate there will be a happy ending in your book where you are the main character.

I will help you see possibility, to know more about yourself and what you want from your life. I will help you set goals and make choices for what you want to experience in upcoming chapters. I will cheer you when you do well and listen and assist you in making things happen if you’ve hit a rough spot or need support.

My coaching process depending on your needs includes:
  • Self-Exploration & Discovery
  • Designing and Executing a Plan
  • Taking Action and Measuring Progress
  • Eliminating Obstacles
  • A Partnership for Support, Growth and Satisfaction

As a coach I can help you and am known by my clients for being direct with intuitive clarity, understanding, and step-by-step guidance. I provide practical tools and resources whether you are making a career choice or change, are searching for a job, starting a business or want to focus on other important aspects of life besides work.

My background includes a Master’s Degree in Career Development and extensive experience in a wide variety of industries from start-up, mid-sized, Fortune 500 to the Federal Government and non-profit in addition to starting my own businesses where I am proud to have won multiple awards.

The best life stories are when the character grows, moves forward and lives fully. I will help you to achieve that in your career and in your life.

Get Started

Call or text (831) 601-6576 or e-mail me at to arrange a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation or to schedule your first coaching session. I work with clients virtually and in-person in Monterey, Silicon Valley & San Francisco.

If you dream of a day when you wake up eager to work at what you truly enjoy, where you “own” your time and life, I’d like to help.                                                                                                             Career Action Center