I have over 15 years of experience in counseling and coaching as well as in developing and teaching classes and facilitating teams. I love what I do as I get to help my clients and students see themselves and the world differently while giving them the space, the understanding, the guidance and tools to know and achieve their dreams.

I have had many jobs and careers throughout my life being employed by different companies both for profit and non-profit in addition to working for the government. I even have a secret clearance. And I am an entrepreneur where I started multiple businesses including a bookshop cafe where I won the Chamber of Commerce and the SBA business awards.

I believe we are all entrepreneurs of our own lives and we need recognize and take control of our destiny, which means making choices about how we want to live and what we want to do and experience, and then take action to achieve our goals.

I realize going after what you want is not always easy and there will be challenges along the way. I have had my share including getting laid off from jobs twice through no fault of my own. It hurt bad when it happened and through getting support and allowing myself to feel, I healed. I am a believer in allowing yourself to feel what you feel if something bad happens or when fear arises when trying something new. There is no right or wrong to feelings. At some point, in order to live the life you want and deserve, you must rise up, dust yourself off and move forward. It is like a child falling down when learning to walk. Despite hardships, I have done exactly what I am saying many times. And over time, I have gotten better and stronger.

I will help you see possibility, to know more about yourself and what you want from your life. I will help you to visualize, set goals and make choices for what you want to experience. We all want a sense of purpose. I will cheer you when you do well and listen and help you make things happen if you’ve hit a rough spot or need support.

I am known by my clients for being direct with intuitive clarity, understanding, and step-by-step guidance. I provide practical tools and resources whether you are making a career choice or change, are searching for a job, starting a business or want to focus on other important aspects of life besides work. I will help you to see what you can’t see yourself especially your own power and strengths. In working with me, you will feel inspired and supported as you take steps to transform your life and work.

If you want a coach that has first hand experience herself or in coaching and teaching thousands of clients and students then let me be your guide.  Schedule a consultation with me so we can chat about how I can best serve you.

You are Awesome. Own it!