In the 15 years I have been counseling, coaching and working with thousands of clients there is one thing I know: Most people’s job experience is a huge part of their life. And the question I suggest every individual ask themselves is this: “Are you fully satisfied with what you are doing and where you are headed?”

People change over time. What you wanted as recently as two years ago may be very different than what you want today. There is no linear path for your life or your career.  And there is so much that is outside of ourselves that we cannot control and this affects how we feel especially if it alters our plans and goals. When obstacles arise, we must find resilience inside of ourselves.

When I graduated from college, I could not find and land a job despite how hard I worked in applying to openings and using my network.  I blamed myself thinking I was not good enough despite the awful economic downturn and recession that was happening. It took a long time for me to realize there were outside forces that affected the job market. Instead of taking any job, which I did and hated, I should have altered my plans and how I executed my search based on the market and my personal goals. It took me a few years to learn my lessons and find my calling.

Everything I advise my clients to do I did myself: assessments, soul searching, exploration, planning and making choices. I had always dreamed of starting my own business so I did it and even won multiple awards such as the SBA Business of the Year award. I always have had the passion and love for helping others discover more of who they are, their strengths, their weaknesses, their dreams and  goals.  Everyone is worthy of living a great life and yet there are many obstacles that can stand in the way. And even with so many roadblocks, there are ways to overcome challenges, and sometimes it can be as simple as taking a detour.   

A coach like me will see your best qualities, some of which you may not see yourself.  I will accept you with no judgement wanting only the best for you and your life.  I am positive and optimistic even in the toughest of times and will keep you on the path to realizing your dreams both personally and professionally.

When I was mid-career I made a major shift going back to college to get a Master’s Degree in career counseling and then started  at the beginning doing an internship. I learned and I grew in my skills and experience by choosing what I wanted to do based on the impact I wanted to make. I pivoted again when I started to do volunteer work facilitating grief support groups for hospice.  It was another calling and way to help people in deep pain after loss. And I found I was gifted in helping so many. I received so much training and when there was an opening to actually work for hospice as an employee I raised my hand and was hired to manage their grief and bereavement program. I spent 7 years doing that work while still doing career coaching, and then moved through more pivots to where I am now.

Today most of us will change jobs and careers at least 5-10 times in our lifetimes. And our personal lives will pivot many times as well. Sometimes shifts happen when we least expect it and not shifts are good. Our lives are more about how we respond to what happens. I have seen so many of my clients getting laid off from jobs and finding that what initially seemed  so bad turned out to be one of the best things that happened as it was the impetus for them to make a positive change in their life and career.

I believe our lives are lived like chapters in a book. There is a plot, a setting, conflict, characters and resolution. You are the main character in your book and the past chapters have led you to where you are now.  Just like an author, you can plan your story and create what you will do and experience until you reach the ending. In real life, you are more in control of your life’s story than you can ever imagine. Let me be your guide and show you how.

I will help you see possibility, to know more about yourself and what you want from your life. I will help you to visualize, set goals and make choices for what you want to experience in upcoming chapters. I will cheer you when you do well and listen and help you make things happen if you’ve hit a rough spot or need support.

My coaching process depending on your needs includes:

  • Self-Exploration & Discovery
  • Designing and Executing a Plan
  • Taking Action and Measuring Progress
  • Eliminating Obstacles
  • A Partnership for Support, Growth and Satisfaction

As a coach I can help you and am known by my clients for being direct with intuitive clarity, understanding, and step-by-step guidance. I provide practical tools and resources whether you are making a career choice or change, are searching for a job, starting a business or want to focus on other important aspects of life besides work.

My background extensive experience in a wide variety of industries from start-up, mid-sized, Fortune 500 to the Federal Government and non-profit in addition to starting my own businesses.

The best life stories are when the character grows, moves forward and lives fully. I will help you achieve that in your career and in your life. You are Awesome. Own it!