Career change, job search or starting a business often feels very overwhelming, frustrating and can bring up a number of fears even in the best of the times.I can help transform the process into an exciting growth experience.

I will guide you in more clearly knowing what you want to do so that it becomes your passion and fuels life-giving energy to achieve your potential. When your life works, you feel less stress and a harmonious balance among all the facets:  your work, your family, your loves, your finances and your mental and spiritual growth.

If you dream of a day when you wake up eager to work at what you truly enjoy, where you “own” your time and life, I’d like to help.


Business, Transitions and Career Counseling & Coaching

Estelle Cimino, a business, transitions and career counselor and coach based in Monterey and Silicon Valley, CA works one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their goals.

How to know if a business and career coach is for you. Do you:

  • start out resolved to change your career or work life, then lose momentum?
  • want to re-invent your life or have a great idea to move in a new direction?
  • get overwhelmed as you begin or before you get off the ground?
  • have a new job but aren’t sure how to succeed in it?
  • have so many goals that you can’t finish any of them?
  • want a satisfying job but don’t know what you want to do or how to get started in today’s world of work?

A counselor/coach can get you moving. You can:

  • form a plan and begin completing your goals
  • recognize and overcome the ways you have been sabotaging your own success
  • identify (or create) the right job or business for you
  • succeed in your position

How coaching works

We can meet in-person, by telephone or Skype weekly or bi-weekly depending upon your needs. During the sessions I ask questions and give feedback to help you identify obstacles, determine directions and clarify your goals. We focus on actions as manageable steps, set deadlines for the steps, and get you moving.

Why business and career coaching works

As your counselor and coach I can help you recognize strengths and abilities you never realized you had while creating a vision for your life.

Having a coach to check in with on a regular basis can motivate you to take the steps that will move you forward in making the changes you want. Feedback from an unbiased source–outside of family, friends, and work–can also show you choices you’ve never considered before and help you root out what has been holding you back until now.

Serious musicians and athletes work with coaches to achieve their potential. People serious about their careers work with coaches too.

Get started

Find out if a business and career coach is for you. Call (831) 601-6576 or e-mail me at to arrange a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

Offices in Monterey, Silicon Valley & San Francisco